Transgender awareness in schools

The recent report from the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee on Transgender Equality pointed to several areas that could improve in terms of transgender awareness and inclusion. One of these areas was in schools who have a role in tackling everyday transphobia. The report notes that schools often do not know how to deal with tansgender issues.

“More needs to be done to ensure that gender-variant young people and their families get sufficient support at school. Schools must understand their responsibilities under the Equality Act. They must abide by their legal responsibility to ensure that all staff receive
sufficient training to ensure they are compliant across all protected characteristics, including that which relates to trans people, especially gender-variant young people. In its review of initial teacher training, the Government should consider the inclusion of training on the protected characteristics.”

Although the report concluded that schools must understand their responsibilities and ensure staff training most will find it difficult to find a good source of such training.

I was recently invited to give some initial information to a meeting of leaders from local secondary schools. There was genuine interest in finding out about the issues that might affect their schools. Some had experience either of gender variant students or staff but generally it was clear that most had little idea about this subject and their responsibilites and liabilities.

As a teacher myself I will continue to offer training to school staff. One of the difficulties is that many see it as simply a PSHE topic and don’t realise that it can affect how they deal with students, issues of bullying, staff retention and parents.

6 thoughts on “Transgender awareness in schools

  1. Please can you tell me where i can get training on lgbt issues, espeshally trans kids and the support needed. I work in a school and ive not seen or read anything about dealing with trans issues.



  2. Lexi

    You don’t say enough here for me to fully understand what kind of help on LGBT+ issues you need. As you can see I offer transgender awareness training to schools and can also help facilitate workshops on potential issues. But I cannot intervene in individual cases. If this is the kind of help that you need please send me a message through my contacts page.
    An alternative might be to talk to Stonewall who have a offered information to schools on a variety of LGBT+ issues including transgender. My own sessions are much more tailored to the specific needs and guarantees that you have somebody who is actually trans to deliver it.


  3. Hey Rose,

    I am studying Education studies and am currently doing an independent project on ‘what transgender is and how it can be addressed and introduced to schools’. I was just wondering if you could tell me what strategies you apply to spreading awareness of this topic in schools, to teachers and pupils. What does the transgender awareness training you offer to schools entail?

    Kind Rergards,



    1. Lotti

      I would be happy to discuss this with you. Why not use the contact form on my website here to send me a message and we can go into details by email.



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