A steep learning curve

When a transgender person decides to transition into their new gender role and identity there are very many things they will experience that they have not always anticipated.

At first there will be a focus on the most immediate issues of how to dress and organise themselves to cope with a new everyday existence. This mean that clothing choices and body maintenance occupy a great deal of time. Worries about how people will react also occupy the newly transitioning person.

Eventually all of that will pass and we can simply go about those things that we must as a part of our work role. But the first time we decide to pop out at lunchtime for some necessity, a meeting at a different location or with a new person, talking on the telephone, dealing with changing seasons and many other things can cause us to have momentary doubts.

When I first started at work I was very much thrown in at the deep end. There had been trouble overnight with some of our patients and the first thing I had to do was enter a meeting to calm things down and remind them of their responsibilities and agreements. Oh, and by the way, here is Rose who is the maths and science teacher. After that it was lessons, meetings, new patients, trips to see other hospitals, taking patients to the cinema, bowling, careers fairs and so on.

It all settles down quickly and before long a trans person is simply another member of the team.

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