Declaring Identity

There has been a great deal of comment in the press about government proposals in England for self-declaration of gender by transgender people. Something that strikes me in all of this discussion is how little the people expressing hostile views know about the whole business of identity and what these suggestions are all about. CurrentlyContinue reading “Declaring Identity”

Breast Screening

This afternoon I went along for my breast screening appointment. It was in a mobile unit parked behind my GP surgery and luckily there were plenty of parking spaces left still. I was a bit nervous, not about the risks of breast cancer or of the reports of false positive results, but more about actuallyContinue reading “Breast Screening”

The passing problem

One of the things that most transgender people will worry about is the question of whether they “pass”. It is an issue that can prevent them from coming out in the first place as they fear being seen as a freak or oddity by others. But this whole concept of passing can mean different thingsContinue reading “The passing problem”


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Rosemary Taylor
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I write articles on what it is like being a transgender woman in Britain today. Since I have worked in sales and marketing in the past, as well as having been a science teacher more recently, I try to look at how trans people can fit into the world.

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